Energy Solutions

We have two commercial strands to our business providing services direct to households and businesses across the North West.

Electricity North West Construction & Maintenance Limited

Electricity North West Construction & Maintenance Limited is our high voltage contracting business providing control, operation and maintenance agreements for over 750 of the region’s private network owners. Our specialist teams of multi-skilled crafts people, project managers, engineers and technical support staff also provide design, installation and commissioning services for high voltage supplies and private networks.

A career within one of our Electricity North West Construction & Maintenance teams could see you on site working with any one of our customers who range from Media City, Salford, Manchester Airport and Scottish & Newcastle Breweries. With a portfolio of 750 contracts including 1,800 customer substations and 5,000 major items of equipment a role in this area will provide you with the opportunity to shape your career in a fast paced environment with no two days being the same.


Our specialist connections team provide new electricity connections to customers and businesses across the North West. Within the course of a year we help shape the lives of thousands of customers across the North West with over 20,000 connections per year.

Our connections team have a unique and diverse knowledge of the UK’s electricity industry and are both dedicated and professional. They produce cost effective solutions for all connection needs including renewable technologies, such as wind farms and solar panels through to changing the location of the electricity connection in your home.

A career in one of our connections team could see you working as a design engineer, or construction manager or providing support in ensuring compliance with our regulatory obligations of issuing customer quotes within specified timescales. All activities carried out by these teams contribute to shaping the lives of our many customers and will provide you with a rewarding career and key skills within the electricity industry.