Commercial Strategy and Support

Meeting our network needs efficiently is fundamental to the work we do. That's where our Network Strategy team comes in. They measure the current and future energy needs across the region, and develop effective, efficient ways of meeting them. Importantly, they determine how we can fulfil our regulatory and economic objectives across two of our major networks:

  1. The electricity network, which distributes power to all of Electricity North West customers.
  2. The IT and Telecommunications network, which allows us to control our electricity network and to run the business effectively.

Network Strategy

Network Strategy works with the Customer and Regulation Directorates to determine the medium and long term needs of our customers and stakeholders, and then develops efficient ways of delivering those needs through our assets and service offerings.

The steps to achieve this are:

  • Determine our primary regulatory and economic objectives;
  • Determine technically how we will achieve our objectives;
  • Provide policies and procedures to allow these objectives to be physically delivered;
  • Work with our Operations colleagues to turn our technical strategy into plans setting out the timing, location and costs of interventions;
  • The Operations directorate is then responsible for delivering these plans.

IT and Telecoms

IT&T is responsible for providing a fit-for-purpose and cost effective IT service. We have developed an IT strategy which aligns to the company business plan and describes how we support the business through the provision of IT services.

To do this, we will:

  • Engage with all users to ensure we provide the right IT equipment, applications and services;
  • Work in partnership with key suppliers and our service provider Wipro;
  • Continually explore the latest technologies and industry trends;
  • Identify opportunities to enable business efficiencies and increase productivity through the use of technology.

Fleet, Logistics and Accommodation

Getting things from A to B is the essence of logistics. At Electricity North West, it's critical that our engineers have the tools they need to do the job. Our fleet teams manage a range of vehicles to get the right materials into the hands of our operational teams at the right time, so they can continue building, repairing and maintaining our network.

Whether we need cleaning services or preventative maintenance, our accommodation team will supervise a range of facility management services across our non-operational sites. They also lead office- and depot-based construction and refurbishment projects, including relocation.


Our Regulation team help influence the development of the legislative and regulatory framework in which Electricity North West operates, ensuring that it keeps pace with the accelerating demands of customers and technological needs of society. They represent Electricity North West with government and on national bodies to ensure that as an organisation we influence to ensure we have the resources required to maintain investment.


Our Commercial team leads on Electricity North West's commercial decisions, enabling and supporting implementation whilst efficiently delivering the capital programme. Our Capital Programme Delivery teams work on multiple projects which include new underground cables, overhead lines, pylons, switchgear and transformers.