Our operational teams are key to the success of our business.

Annually we invest millions of pounds in maintenance work to ensure power supplies are delivered to our customers throughout the year. While we operate at 99.99% reliability, and have a wide range of advanced systems in place to keep power cuts to a minimum, they can and do still happen due to circumstances out of our control such as fallen trees or vandalism.

Our teams do everything they can to restore power as quickly as possible and we undertake work such as replacing ageing poles to make the overhead network more resilient to the effects of high winds, snow and icy conditions. Our team of in-house arborists, carry out a successful tree pruning programme to reduce the potential impacts of fallen trees in stormy conditions.

Our operational teams are supported by teams of engineers, planners and administrators who carry out key activities to ensure we can keep our oeprational teams active and able to respond to customer faults.

Our operational teams include a range of engineering disciplines including design enginers, project engineers, fault engineers through to craft technicians who work as jointers, fitters and overhead line workers.