We define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as ensuring our business successfully includes social and environmental considerations in our operations. This means satisfying our customers’ demands while managing the expectations of employees, suppliers and the community around us. Ultimately, it means contributing positively to the North West and managing our environmental footprint.

Our strategy

CSR is integral to the way we conduct our business today, and will be tomorrow and in the future. Over the past two years, our CSR strategy has developed to shape our future direction. We have aligned our CSR around four key areas: community, environment, workforce and the marketplace. Our stakeholders tell us these areas matter to them, and that that’s where we can make a difference. We have built our future plans around this and have pledged to complete 100 commitments over the next 10 years.

Our CSR responsibilities:

Economic Be a successful business

Regulatory Abide by current legislation

Ethical Operate in an open, honest and innovative manner to deliver and improve how we do things.

Philanthropic Operate in a sustainable and responsible manner that meets communities’ needs in the North West.

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