Our Purpose and Principles

Introducing our new purpose and principles

As a business we agreed that we needed something new to explain how our role is changing alongside our customers' needs. We used to keep the lights on, now we keep life running with the introduction of entertainment, the internet, electric cars, smart homes, and customers increasingly adopting their own generation and storage of power.

Our purpose

'Together we have the energy to transform our communities'.

Our principles

We are switched on to our colleagues, customers and the world around us.  

  • We are attuned to their needs and deliver for them;
  • We are responsive and do whatever it takes to get the job done safely;
  • We are always looking for ways to build trust.

We are adaptable, always looking for better ways to get things done.

  • When we're faced with a challenge, we find a solution;
  • We embrace change and make the most of it;
  • We innovate to improve things for the future.

We take pride in all we do because it matters to people's lives.

  • We do the best we can in all our work, big and small;
  • We all embrace the sense of responsibility we feel to our communities;
  • We know people rely on us. We can all make a difference.